Before downloading, read this agreement first :

You are allowed to :
– Make videos or pictures with my shaderpack
– Modify it only for yourself

You are NOT allowed to :
– Rename it and claim my shaderpack as your own
– Publish your modifications
– Make money with it

Original :

Original V5.0.1 Lite : Mediafire
Original V5.0.1 Low : Mediafire
Original V5.0.1 Medium : Mediafire
Original V5.0.1 High : Mediafire
Original V5.0.1 Ultra : Mediafire

Note : you may use the ingame options to enable dof/motion blur.

Original V4.6 BETA : Mediafire
Original V4.5 BETA : Mediafire

Old Orignal : Mediafire


HFPS V4.0 Basic : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Lite : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Standard : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Ultra : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Ultra DOF : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Ultra MotionBlur : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Ultra DOF N’ MotionBlur : Mediafire
HFPS V4.0 Extreme : Mediafire

Old HFPS : Mediafire

(Feel free to contact me if the download link is broken.)