Werrus Shaders is a Shaders Addon for Minecraft Shadermods.

Types :
Original = vibrant and have many effect.
HFPS = high fps and looks like combination of KUDA and SEUS Shaders.

Compability :
This shader is based from chocapic13 V5TEST_FIX1 (Original) and V4 (HFPS) shaders and developed with AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics card. if you find a bug with my shaders, please post it here.

Credits :
-Thanks to daxnitro, for creating the shadermod.
-Thanks to karyonix, for updating the shadermod.
-Thanks to Chocapic13, for the base of this shaders.
-Thanks to Dedelner, for the lens flare and some code.
-Thanks to Notepad++ team, with their program that allows me to modify this shaders.
-Thanks to SlipperySkater, for the website to upload an image.
-Thanks to JerenVids, for helping me fixing the bug for NVIDIA user.
-Thanks to Myself, for creating this shaderpacks. 😀


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