Hi everyone, First of all, i’m still alive. Second, i would like to address to everyone that i certainly apologize if i have been gone for quite a long time.  Things have been going pretty tough for me that i simply can’t bear with myself to work with this project. As i’m writing this, i … More Hi!

Original V6.0 Delayed!

Yes, that’s right. Original V6.0 release date is delayed. Why? here’s a short story : When i was almost done working with my Original V6.0 shaders, i take a break for a minute by watching some YouTube videos on my phone. While i was watching, suddenly my laptop was shutdown by itself because of low … More Original V6.0 Delayed!

Im Back! :)

Hi, everyone. sorry if im gone for like a months from last year. i was really busy with my school back there. but now i have a free time to work with my WIP V6.0 Original Shaders that i will release soon. 🙂

Original V5.0 Is Out! :)

Finally, Original V5.0 is out today. Here’s the changelog : Improved lighting Optimization on some effect for better fps Coloured font 🙂 Removed useless code Removed night galaxy And many more… Go to download tab for the download.